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SONarchitect ISO Demo version: Acoustic insulation in one-third octave bands according to  EN 12354:1,2,3,4,6

SONarchitect is a very visual software. It makes the most of the power of your graphic card.

That is the reason why we highly recommend to update your graphic drivers before installing SONarchitect in your computer.

Click the link below to start downloading

SONarchitect ISO Demo English.exe

Demo Version V3

The demo version will allow you to do everything but calculating. You can test the handling, speed and performance of SONarchitect features but when you try to calculate it loads a built-in model for you to check also the way SONarchitect displays the results.

SONarchitect is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Croatian and Polish.


User Manual SONarchitect ISO

Take a look inside and discover all the features of SONarchitect.

Download the PDF or read it in Isuu.

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M. Rosmolen

michel Rosmolen at NIMT

Definitively best in building acoustics 

SONarchitect is by large one of the best software suites to predict the sound insulation performance of an entire single building project. One of the most intuitive tools with the best interface and simulation. Sound of Numbers has been very helpful in assisting our team at the office in case of any queries. 

M. Rosmolen

  1. Geonoise Asia Co., Ltd. Acoustical Engineers