Easy to use software to calculate and predict noise transmission in buildings including flanking !

SONarchitect V3 ISO12354 calculations made easy ! Contact us NOW , special discounts for users in Asia until 1-7-2020  !



The ultimate software for calculation of sound insulation regarding EN 12354 parts 1,2,3,4 and 6 in entire buildings.

Real buildings

Forget about the box-to-box model and draw your own building with arbitrary geometries. Unleash your architectural skills!

Materials catalog

SONarchitect ISO database has more than 300 generic constructive solutions, 900 commercial materials, and continues to expand.

Custom report

Generate a PDF report easily, including all the acoustic insulation values you may need from the results.

Simpósio de Acústica e Vibrações Coimbra 2017

We were Gold Sponsors at the Acoustics and Vibration Symposium.

It was held in Coimbra, hosted by ITeCons.

EuroRegio 2016

We’ve been at EuroRegio 2016 conference in Porto (Portugal) during 13-15 June 2016.

Tecniacústica Valencia 2015

In October 21- 23 2015 we were at the 46 Iberian Conference on Acoustics Tecniacústica 2015 that has been held in Valencia.

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Teddy Kaeriyama Yanagiya


SONarchitect is an indispensable tool for the daily work. We purchased it two years ago and, beyond getting speed in solving complex calculations, we can simulate the application of constructive materials from a wide variety of manufacturers and match the calculations with tests for handing a complete and trustful report to our customers. We have already used it in more than 200 projects and we keep on developing our product to achieve new levels of service and bring the acoustics study in Brazil the most modern processes in the world.


Teddy Kaeriyama Yanagiya

Design Coordinator